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Many businesses think of a business website as a requirement, however they are still not sure why it’s essential to the role it plays.

Showing up

In this digital age, with over three billion people using the internet, Google has now become one of the first resources to consult with when people are looking for information around services and products and are constantly seeking and planning where to make their next purchase.

It stands to reason that having a website can provide your business with online visibility to reach your market demographic.

Building credibility and trust

A business website can give you instant credibility online in the eyes of the consumer and allows potential customers to take you seriously as an established player in your industry, just as a not having a website may make your business less attractive to deal with.

Your website can enable customers to learn more about what you offer and how you deliver your offerings. The more information you provide the more trust you can build and it is a great way to that first step in helping you build business-customer relationships on autopilot.

Always on 24/7

Your online presence never sleeps, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Even when your business might be closed outside of business hours or over a weekend, your website is always visible and open to visitors to reach out.

Cost-Effective with positive ROI

A business website is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools for any business. It is also an asset that can keep building and maintaining your brand, creating long-term value and sustainability.

Use your website in social media

It is so easy to use your website links and drop them into social media, Whats App and emails to reiterate and build your brand

How to get a business website

There are many options available, however, what you want, when you are ready to get a website, is the best fit to a solution that is dynamic and meets your needs in terms of cost, ease of use, functionality, flexibility, future upgradeability to always be in alignment with your needs.

As much as business owners try to keep their costs down and try to seek out the best value by taking on their website project themselves, they often soon realise that it can be quite a big undertaking and find that they do not have the time nor the inclination to manage and follow through effectively in order to create an optimized website. There is usually tech issues and extra add on web applications that are needed to make the website function properly and also to get it fully optimized in order to confidently use as a front-end marketing tool for your business. Also hidden costs are realised and come to light, that is only usually discovered once an initial purchase of some sort for the basic platform components to their website package is made. Security, SEO, external formatting tools, external software, custom domain registration and hosting, tech settings on the back-end server and a whole lot of other aspects are usually overlooked and are typically discovered too late after a costly exercise has been experienced.


Perfecting the wheel

Mike’s Mark.Com has various done for you “website in a box” low cost subscription product solutions that provide piece of mind for business owners – sit back and let it all be taken care of for you!

Our client base includes professionals, start-ups, entrepreneurs, business owners and brands, where we have helped them with a seamless solution to their needs.

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