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A website is one of the most essential and primary online marketing tools. That is why almost every business has one. Lte’s change your website up and get it optimized, efficiently and effectively, at low cost!

How can we help you

Complete turnkey website solutions, at a low monthly subscription fee of R395 p/m. No upfront fees. No set-up costs. No design fees.


R395 a month


Free changes


No contract


Painless & easy process


Pro Tips to promote your website


Zero risk


Optimised for your success


Mobile responsive on any device


trending designs


#1 brand building tool

What we do

Why work with us?

We provide entrepreneurs, professionals, businesses and start-ups fully functional multi-page websites that are specifically designed and customised to fit your brand, services and products, at a low monthly cost.

We work differently to traditional website designers and developers. Instead of paying thousands of Rands for a website or to have your existing website updated and thereafter pay per change, not to mention all the hidden costs, with us you only pay a nominal flat rate subscription fee per month of R395 and we keep your website optimized – it is always kept updated so that it functions 100% and always looks great to serve your business and your brand. This way, your website never gets outdated and static.

With our system, you get the following for R395 per month – here are just some of the highlights:

  • Hosting.
  • Design & development utilizing the latest technology website framework and software for a full multi-page website.
  • SEO.
  • Security.
  • Modern websites in today’s times need monthly maintenance – we tend to routine maintenance every month.
  • A bundle of trending web applications around functionality and design elements and more…
  • We incentivise you to make changes – Changes are free – simply email or Whats App your change requirements.
  • Seamless, effective done-for-you websites – you don’t need to do anything on the website, we manage it completely.
  • No contract – month to month.
  • Your domain and web files always belong to you.
  • No more costs every time you need something changed.
  • No high costs in design and development fees.
  • Low risk – low cost price point.
  • Great value proposition.
  • Easy and seamless for you.

All Done For You

There is nothing that you need to manage or do to your website product. We design it and host it specifically around your business model and brand offerings and also manage all the changes for you so that it is in alignment with your objectives. No tech hassles, no wasting time and getting frustrated trying to figure out how things work in an ever changing IT environment and also no crazy unexpected costs. 

Super Low Cost

Get a professional and fully functional curated website that you can use in various ways to build your brand and confidently promote your offerings online. With everything from hosting to content management, we can provide an easy and affordable website solution for you.

Our clients


Some feedback from some of our happy clients.

Mike’s Mark.Com is a great way to get your website updated without all the hassle of trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. There is so much available online and it usually is quite a costly exercise to eventually find the right fit. Mike’s Mark.Com makes it so easy for you. Top notch!



What a great opportunity to get your website updated without spending thousands of Rands. That is a great advantage to have. Mike and his team are very pleasant to work with and they make me feel like i am their only client.

Gillian Maskell


Great initiative in helping businesses to get their website updated easily. Mike always goes the extra mile and is really passionate about helping small businesses.


Steel Fabricator

Mike is baie maklik om mee saam te werk. Hy het van die begin af my gehelp om ingeligte besluite te neem rondom die ontwikkeling van die webtuiste vir my besigheid.  Al het ek nie baie geweet van die tegniese sy nie, het hy dit maklik gemaak om te verstaan en het die hele pad van die ontwikkelings proses met my deurgegaan. Hy is flink en effektief.   Ek kan Mike Rode van Mike’s Mark defenitief aanbeveel vir jou webtuiste ontwikkeling.



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