Third Party Web Application – Quote for Woocommerce

R1,127.00 / year

Third Party Web Application from outsourced developer:

  • Quote for Woocommerce – Annual subscription through Woocommerce.Com
  • Requires specific customization and involves a time component for the set up thereof, which is invoiced separately.
  • Purchased in USD and is linked to the Rand/Dollar exchange at the time. *Prices may change between now and the time of renewal date and will be adjusted accordingly.
  • We endeavor to manage future updates and integration with the core website framework.
  • Should any time component be required around development issues due to plugin updates and/or plugin conflict with other website applications on the site then this considered a separate billing item.
  • Third-Party Web Applications nor the time component associated with the set up and customization thereof is not part of the core website management package monthly subscription fee.

Please find our Service Level Agreement on Accountability and Protocols at this link

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