What do the feet represent?

A few of my clients have asked me if the Green feet symbolize anything, why the Green feet..?¬†So I thought I would share my story of what the Green feet represent¬†ūüôā

My good friend and I were walking on the beach one day, having an interesting¬†chat on how we wish to show up in the world in a better way.¬†As we were walking, we looked back¬†for a moment¬†and saw our footprints perfectly and beautifully moulded into the sand.¬†“Now that’s how I wish to ‘move forward, leaving good footprints behind”, I said, resonating with my footprints and the energy right there on the beach.

I like the idea of ‘moving forward’ in a good way in this world, this is my intention. Not only in business, but with my family and friends,¬†leaving¬†only my best possible¬†‘footprints in the sand’, my mark!

I love what I do and enjoy the creative aspect, as well as watching what I have ‘built’ grow taking on an autonomy with the applied strategy.

Internet Marketing Online Technology has a very small carbon footprint and it is considered Green Technology, hence the Green feet    

There is definitely a place for paper advertising mediums, however, more and more people as well as businesses are realising the benefits of IM Technology. The current trend is to leverage online marketing, whether it be through¬†a Website, a¬†Landing Page, A Sales Funnel, Email Marketing,¬†A Video, Social platforms, etc, to¬†get ‘Top of Mind’ with your market demographic.

This is where I believe I can help with my skills, some cool software tools and effective¬†strategy… Let me take your business to the next level from where you are¬†currently¬†Connect with me here¬†and let me show you how…